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Currently there is a management position available for an Animal Shelter Supervisor. This is to be a provisional appointment subject to the appointee passing and attaining a reachable high score on the next available civil service examination.


An employee in this class has responsibility for the enforcement of ordinances pertaining to animal control within a municipality. Supervision is exercised over a large staff through intermediate supervisors. Work is reviewed through meetings and reports to the department head or deputy. Does related work as required.

  • Responsible for managing the daily activities at the animal shelter using, as needed, delegation of authority;
  • Render and establish protocols for the euthanizing of animals;
  • Responsible to oversee the direct supervision of the Kennel Attendants, Administrative personnel and Animal Control Officers;
  • Ensure proper oversight of the volunteer program with an emphasis on safety;
  • Will ensure the operation is consistent with New York State and local government laws and statutes as they relate to animal control, humane treatment, licensing, etc.;
  • Will coordinate information regarding functions as it relates to delinquent licensing, humane treatment and dangerous dogs;
  • Will participate in the interview and training process of Kennel Attendants, Administrative personnel and Animal Control Officers and other personnel matters;
  • Ensure humane treatment of all animals retained in the shelter;
  • Will oversee the spay/neuter program and other services rendered by outside veterinarian(s);
  • As needed, will be prepared to educate the public;
  • Shall participate in the creation of an annual budget with a look to capital projects as needed. During the budget year must oversee the appropriate expenditures and revenues with an eye to meet budget expectations;
  • Will administer public information program and related educational materials.
  • Compiles, maintains and submits to department head various reports concerning operations, expenses, veterinarians' reports, types and number of animals which pass through shelter.

Thorough knowledge of the principles, practices and techniques of animal shelter operation; thorough knowledge of principles, practices and techniques of modern office administration; thorough knowledge of effective supervisory techniques; good knowledge of the care, feeding and diseases of common domesticated animals; ability to acquire knowledge of the local ordinances pertaining to animal control; ability to express oneself clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing; ability to delegate authority and to plan and supervise the work of others in a manner conducive to full performance and high morale; ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with the general public; physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS (per Suffolk County Civil Service job title #5421 R02/06/18)

a) Possession of a New York State Veterinary Technician license and four (4) years of paid experience in the care and handling of animals in an institutional setting, two (2) years of which must have been in a supervisory capacity; or,

b) Graduation from a college with federally-authorized accreditation or registration by NY State with an Associate Degree in Animal Care or a related field, and four (4) years of paid experience in the care and handling of animals in an institutional setting, two (2) years of which must have been in a supervisory capacity; or,

c) Graduation from a standard senior high school or possession of a high school equivalency diploma and six (6) years of paid experience in the care and handling of animals in an institutional setting, two (2) years of which must have been in a supervisory capacity; or,

d) An equivalent combination of education and experience as defined by the limits of b) and c).


Two (2) years of permanent competitive status as an Assistant Animal Shelter Supervisor.

TO APPLY for Animal Shelter Supervisor:
All applications and communications shall be submitted via email to:, no later than January 15, 2019. 

Your application shall include, at a minimum, the following:
1. Resume to include related licenses
2. Completed Civil Service application, click here - CS205a
3. In your own words, respond, in writing, to the following;
     a. Please explain (expand) to what extent you agree or disagree with the following statement. “The most widely accepted definition of a no-kill shelter is a place where all adoptable and treatable animals are saved and where only unadoptable or non-rehabilitatable animals are euthanized.”
     b. Many animal organizations including “humane” groups have differing opinions on when it is appropriate to euthanize. What is your opinion?
     c. Our past practice was to leave the decision to euthanize solely to the Animal Shelter Supervisor. What are your thoughts? Please expand. 
4. Any questions you may have. Be sure to include all contact information in your submission. 

The Town of Brookhaven is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.
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