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Worldwide Digital Solutions, Inc. in Bohemia, New York, is seeking to fill the following vacancy:
  1. Entry Level A / V Field Service Technician
Employment Type
  1. Employment Type Full-Time
  2. Benefits Offered: 401K
Essential Job Functions
  1. Install and terminate wiring for audio visual systems
  2. Install electronic and electrical components into equipment racks and other locations
  3. Install projectors, screens, speakers, and associated control system equipment
  4. Be proficient with a large variety of hand tools
  5. Work on ladders at heights in excess of 10ft. as well as confined spaces
  6. Work well with others taking direction and constructive criticism
  7. Work under the pressure of deadlines
  8. Focus and perform with a high degree of attention to the details of your job assignment
  9. React positively to job assignment and tasking
  10. Keep a professional and respectful attitude
  11. Problem solve to accomplish difficult job assignments
  12. Report to job locations on time in appropriate work attire
  13. Conduct yourself in a manner that will reflect positively on this company
  14. Have a Clean NYS valid driver's license and good driving record
  15. Work long or unusual hours that include travel (rare)‚Äč
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required
Your task will include moving and/or re-positioning large equipment or wiring supplies. You may also be required to steady objects above shoulder height while they are fastened into place by co-workers. Therefore, individuals must be able to lift and carry heavy objects of 50 lbs. unassisted.

Your tasks will also include the following:
  1. Troubleshooting audio and video cabling
  2. Terminating cables with the appropriate solder or compression connector
  3. Wiring electronic cabinets and rack per wiring diagrams or verbal instructions
  4. Drilling in drywall, concrete, and cinderblock for the purpose of running wires, installing projectors, projection screens, cameras, and speaker systems
  5. Other light construction jobs
  6. Cleaning up job sites and breaking down boxes
  7. Organizing and storing materials
Working Conditions
Your work can be in normal comfortable air-conditioned environments, but will also include less comfortable, cold or hot construction environments. On rarer occasions, you will be required to work outdoors or on scaffolds/ladders.

Minimum Qualifications
Candidates must have:
  1. A high school diploma or equivalent
  2. An ability to learn new tasks quickly
  3. Reliable transportation with excellent driving record
  4. A desire to progress in job knowledge and qualifications
  5. An ability to keep a cool head when placed in stressful situations
Success Factors
The personal characteristics that make an individual successful in this industry include:
  1. A personal interest in audiovisual equipment and systems
  2. A strong background in electronics and electronic troubleshooting
  3. A professional attitude focusing on personal and company growth
  4. An understanding that every installation is the most important
  5. An aptitude toward time and resource management
  6. A desire to progress and take on new responsibilities
  7. Punctual
  8. Overtime Available
  9. Company Vehicle Provided
  10. Projects from NYC to Hamptons
  11. Vacation and Sick Time
  12. 401K

How to Apply

Interested applicants should contact Worldwide Digital Solutions, Inc. at 631-563-2000.

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